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The JHL Plain Leather Riding Reins are an excellent piece of tack that provide a good grip, while taking on a simple yet neat look that allows them to be used in practically any environment or set up. These strong reins are sure to enhance both your appearance and your performance, allowing you to effectively work with your horse towards an all round better ride.

These reins are simply styled in an uncomplicated, plain manner; taking on a smooth, clean surface that retains a certain classic tack look. The JHL Plain Leather Riding Reins fit in much the same manner as other similar pieces, leading from your hands around your horses neck, connecting to your horses bridle towards either side of their bit.

These reins work to retain grip, while allowing you to effectively send commands and directions to your horse. The JHL Plain Leather Riding Reins cope well with any pulling or pressures, reacting well to any potential strain that may occur. A strong leather is used for these reins, again, taking on pressure and providing a strong piece that offers durability and a stylish appearance.

This leather also offers grip through its textured surface, working well with the surface of your hands to make sure that the potential of a slip is minimised.